Oldtimer - Garten Tulln Messe 2020. .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu ul .current-category-ancestor > a, background: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); .td-header-style-3 .td-affix .td-header-main-menu, } .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, .post .td_pull_quote p, } .tdm-menu-active-style5 .tdm-header .td-header-menu-wrap .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a:after, .td-boxed-layout .td-header-style-4 .td-header-menu-wrap, } color: #f2f2f2; font-family:Poppins; } .td-header-wrap .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix .sf-menu > li > a, .td-post-content h5 { .tds-button2 .tdm-btn-text, .td-page-content blockquote p, .tdm_block_pricing.tds_pricing2_block.tdm-pricing-featured .tdm-pricing-header, .post .author-box-wrap .td-author-name a { .td-header-wrap .td-header-menu-social .td-social-icon-wrap a, .td_round_btn, .td-theme-wrap .td-related-title a, } .comment-content blockquote p, // td_js_generator - mini detector } .td-weather-information:before, Gefällt 15.131 Mal. .tdm_block_column_content:hover .tdm-col-content-title-url .tdm-title, Die Überschneidungen mit anderen Messen ist in der Szene nicht gutiert worden. .td-theme-wrap .td-affix .sf-menu ul .current-menu-ancestor > a, border-color: #dd3333; } 17 Unique Gifts for the Pickiest People in Your Life — Under $50 on Amazon color: #dd3333 !important; .td-header-wrap .td-affix .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-menu-item > a, })(); .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td_mega_menu_sub_cats .cur-sub-cat { .td-post-template-10 .td-post-sub-title, .td-social-icon-wrap > a:hover, Choosing a career is an important decision in one’s life unless you have known what you want to do from an early age. #bbpress-forums #bbp-single-user-details #bbp-user-navigation li.current a, .td_category_template_8 .td-category-header .td-category a.td-current-sub-category, } .td_block_template_1 .td-related-title, Veröffentlicht am 26/06/2019. } .td_module_16 .td-module-title { .td-header-style-8 .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix { .vc_tta-container .vc_tta-color-grey.vc_tta-tabs-position-top.vc_tta-style-classic .vc_tta-tabs-container .vc_tta-tab:hover > a, font-weight:bold; var user_agent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); border-color: #dd3333; } .td-post-template-8 .td-post-sub-title { Check autocovers.co.uk to choose the cover that suits your car completely. font-family:Poppins; "@context": "http://schema.org", .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_10 .td-block-title > *, if ( /chrom(e|ium)/.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()) ) { } .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-menu-item > a, .td-post-content h6 { .td-post-content li { .td_top_authors .td-active .td-author-comments-count, } .td-weather-week:before, .td-header-wrap .td-affix .td-header-menu-social .td-social-icon-wrap a, filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='rgba(0,0,0,0.7)', endColorstr='rgba(0,0,0,0.8)', GradientType=0 ); background-color: #1e73be !important; font-weight:normal; .tdm_block_pricing.tdm-pricing-featured:before, .widget_display_replies .bbp-author-name, .wpb_tabs li:hover a, .td-header-style-4 .td_stretch_content .td-header-menu-wrap { .post .td-post-source-tags span { .td_outlined_btn { } color: #ffffff; htmlTag.className += ' ie10'; } .page .td_quote_box p { .td-header-style-8 .td-header-top-menu-full { .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .td-affix .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, Oldtimer Guide 2018 Oldtimer Guide 2018. .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > li > a:hover, } .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-display-option:hover i, .td-post-category:hover, } } font-family:Poppins; .td_mod_mega_menu:hover .entry-title a, tdLocalCache.remove(resource_id); .td_block_text_with_title blockquote p, border-bottom: none; .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_14 .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-display-option:hover i, a.vc_btn-black:hover, .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu ul .current-menu-ancestor > a, .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_15 .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter i, } .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, .td-header-style-12 .td-header-menu-social .td-social-icon-wrap i, } .td-header-wrap .header-search-wrap #td-header-search-button .td-icon-search { } .td-affix .header-search-wrap .td-drop-down-search:before { font-family:Poppins; font-size:17px; } font-weight:bold; font-weight:bold; this.found_posts = 0; //from wp } .tds-button6:before, .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, font-family:Poppins; font-family:Poppins; background-color: #dd3333; Of course, people who are passionate about their cars always find something new to do and dedicate their time and money to keep it in perfect condition. background-color: #000000; ul.sf-menu > .td-menu-item > a, font-family:Poppins; .post .author-box-wrap .td-author-name a { In addition, keep in mind that you will need to use grease for the universal joints to prevent corrosion and squeaking. } .td_top_authors .td-active .td-authors-name a, LENGTH. .td-header-wrap .result-msg a:hover, .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, border-color: transparent transparent #ffffff transparent; }, background-color: #000000; } } .wpb_default:hover, var td_please_wait="Please wait..."; .post .td_quote_box, .sf-menu ul .menu-item a { var td_email_user_incorrect="Email or username incorrect! .woocommerce .product .products h2:not(.woocommerce-loop-product__title), .td-affix .header-search-wrap .td-drop-down-search:after, } "item": { color: #dd3333; .td-header-wrap .td-affix .header-search-wrap .td-icon-search { #bbpress-forums .bbp-pagination .current, .td_block_related_posts .entry-title a { window.tdb_globals = {"wpRestNonce":"eb7af498e2","wpRestUrl":"https:\/\/www.chartattack.com\/wp-json\/","permalinkStructure":"\/%postname%\/","isAjax":false,"isAdminBarShowing":false,"autoloadScrollPercent":50,"postAutoloadStatus":"off","origPostEditUrl":null}; Ein Auto Collector's Guide für beliebte Oldtimer Wer sich für Automobile interessiert, schätzt die schlanken Designs und markanten Merkmale von Oldtimern. .post .author-box-wrap .td-author-description { cite a:hover, 17.25 in / 43.8 cm. .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > .sfHover > a, } .dropcap, .td_mega_menu_sub_cats .cur-sub-cat, .post header .td-post-author-name a { .td-grid-style-5.td-hover-1 .td-big-grid-post:hover .td-post-category, .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_14 .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-display-option:hover i, .tds-button6 .tdm-btn-text, font-family:Poppins; .td_mod_related_posts:hover h3 > a, When you take it for a spin, you will get a chance to fully immerse into the experience and enjoy the uniqueness of your car. } font-style:italic; .td-post-template-9 .td-post-sub-title, this.max_num_pages = 0; //from wp It is published annually and is the most extensive shopping companion in Austria with around 800 lifestyle- … font-family:Poppins; .td-footer-wrapper, font-family:Poppins; .td-header-wrap .td-header-menu-social .td-social-icon-wrap:hover i { .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .td-menu-item > a:hover, } } "@type": "ListItem", .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .current-menu-item > a { .td-excerpt, } .td-footer-wrapper::before { .td-theme-wrap .td-mega-menu .td-next-prev-wrap a { .td-grid-style-1.td-hover-1 .td-big-grid-post:hover .td-post-category, .td_top_authors .td-active .td-author-comments-count, .td-post-small-box a:hover, Februar 2021, https://occ.eu/at/versichern?utm_source=oldtimerguide&utm_medium=topBanner&utm_…, https://www.grandprix-originals.at/abverkauf, https://www.classic-depot.de/oldtimer-garage-wien, https://occ.eu/at?utm_source=oldtimerguide&utm_medium=topBanner&utm_campaign=Ba…. .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-mega-menu .td-post-category:hover, font-family:Poppins; .td-trending-now-title, .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .td-affix .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, .td_block_related_posts .entry-title a { .tdm-btn-style3:hover { #bbpress-forums .bbp-topic-started-by a:hover, Dezember 2021, NürnbergMesse Nach ihrer Erstausgabe im Jahr 2016 entwickelte sich die fränkische Ausgabe der weltgrößten Messe für Fahrkultur rasch zur umsatzstarken Plattform mit eigenem Gesicht. .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-item .td-cur-simple-item, } .td_category_template_4 .td-category-siblings .td-category a:hover, .widgettitle, .td-header-bg:before { .td-header-style-4 .td-affix .td-header-main-menu, .td_module_mx21 .td-module-title { font-family:Poppins; font-family:Poppins; } } font-family:Poppins; .td-category-title-holder .td-page-title { .td_block_template_2 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, .td-post-template-11 .td_block_related_posts .td-next-prev-wrap a:hover, #td-mobile-nav .td-register-section a:hover, } } .td_module_16 .td-module-title { .td-subcat-filter .td-subcat-dropdown a, color: #ffffff; font-family:Poppins; .td-post-content h3 { .td-blog-fitness .td_block_big_grid_fl_3.td-grid-style-4 .td_module_wrap:hover .td-module-title a, .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_3 .td-block-title > *, .td_block_template_15 .td-block-title:before, color: #ffffff; } .td-header-wrap .td-affix .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, If you are wondering if you are doing everything necessary to keep your car in the perfect state, keep reading because we have prepared tips for perfect maintenance. .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .current-category-ancestor > a, .td-page-title, .td-search-query, .td-post-template-11 .td-related-title .td-related-left:hover, .dropcap2, font-size:14px; .td_outlined_btn, } font-family:Poppins; .td-theme-wrap .td_mega_menu_sub_cats .cur-sub-cat, } var tds_logo_on_sticky=""; .block-title > span, var tds_smart_sidebar="enabled"; .td-header-style-8 .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix { var td_get_template_directory_uri="https:\/\/www.chartattack.com\/wp-content\/plugins\/td-composer\/legacy\/common"; .td_wrapper_video_playlist .td_video_currently_playing:after { One... 6 Best Ways to Preserve your Oldtimer – 2020 Guide. .td_block_template_11 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, font-weight:bold; .td-header-wrap .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix .sf-menu > li > a, Rennfahrer Wolfgang Stropek - Benzin fließt in den Adern Legendenbuch als Wertschätzung für den österreichischen Motorradrennfahrer, Staatsmeister und Enthusiasten „Österreichischer Rundstrecken- und Bergmeister, Firmenchef, erfolgreicher Seitenwagen-WM-Pilot, Teilnehmer bei der Isle of Man und Veranstalter des Rupert-Hollaus-Gedächtnisrennens - der heute 75-jährige Wolfgang Stropek aus Behamberg/Steyr, gilt als Tausendsassa der Motorradszene“ Das Legenden-Buch über den in Behamberg bei Steyr lebenden und international bekannten Motorrad- und Sidecar-Rennfahrer Wolfgang Stropek beinhaltet seine Biografie, ist aber auch eine zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation über den Motorradrennsport von 1950 bis heute. } .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .td-menu-item > a:hover, Wir veröffentlichen auch in diesem Jahr wieder einen aktuellen Guide mit über 1.000 Preisnotierungen und nützlichen Oldtimer-Tipps. background-color: #000000; .td_block_mega_menu .td-next-prev-wrap a:hover, { .td-post-template-7 .td-post-sub-title, color: #dd3333; color: #ffffff; if ( -1 !== navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac OS X') ) { .td-scroll-up, .td-post-small-box a:hover, .widget_calendar tfoot a:hover, font-weight:bold; .td-read-more a, .td_top_authors .td_mod_wrap:hover .td-author-post-count, } .td-post-content li { .widgettitle, var tdThemeName="Newspaper"; } Mit dem handlichen Heft haben Sie alles auf einen Blick, von Oldtimer-Preisen, spannenden Fakten bis hin zu Freizeit-Tipps: font-weight:normal; .td-post-content h2 { .tdm-menu-active-style3 .tdm-header.td-header-wrap .sf-menu > .current-menu-item > a, .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_15 .td-block-title > *, It will help you to keep up with everything that needs to be done. .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix, .td-header-style-1 .td-header-sp-logo { .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > li > a:hover, } .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .sub-menu { } ᐅ Die Bestenliste 12/2020 Umfangreicher Produktratgeber Ausgezeichnete Favoriten Aktuelle Angebote Sämtliche Vergleichssieger ️ Jetzt direkt vergleichen. .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-item .td-cur-simple-item, this.block_type = 1; //block type id (1-234 etc) Oldtimers are valuable and rare and the people who are lucky enough to own them know how regular care is important. .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td_mega_menu_sub_cats .cur-sub-cat, .widgettitle, font-size:17px; .td-header-style-12 .td-affix, .post .td_quote_box, .td-next-prev-wrap a:hover, .td-pulldown-syle-3 .td-subcat-dropdown:hover .td-subcat-more span, It is a unique aphrodisiac, especially if you share the ride with the person you love. .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_4 .td-block-title > *, .td_block_template_11 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, "name": "Cars" -webkit-box-shadow: 0 4px 26px #dd3333; color: #000000; .td-post-content { #bbpress-forums .bbp-forums-list li a:hover, .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, .woocommerce .product .products h2:not(.woocommerce-loop-product__title), Timeline Marketing Media Retail medianet Biztalk.TV Events . .td_outlined_btn:hover { "position": 3, } .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, .td-mobile-content .current-menu-ancestor > a, { .td-trending-now-title, .td_mod_mega_menu .item-details a { var td_email_user_pass_incorrect="User or password incorrect! .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_14 .td-block-title-wrap .td-wrapper-pulldown-filter .td-pulldown-filter-display-option, color: #ffffff; background-color: #000000; Der Oldtimer Guide ist die einzige und umfassendste Communityseite, sowie Sach- und Themenführer durch die österreichische Oldtimerszene. .td-weather-information:before, Neuer Termin! font-weight:normal; .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .td-affix .sf-menu > li > a:hover, Veröffentlicht am 26/06/2019. .td-post-template-11 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, font-size:24px; 12’ 6” / 3.8 m. WIDTH. } .td-smart-list-dropdown-wrap .td-smart-list-button:hover, Jetzt ist der Hiscox Pocket Price Guide 2020 da! .post .td-post-next-prev-content a { .td-left-smart-list:hover, .wpb_tabs .wpb_tabs_nav, .td_block_template_4 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, .td_round_btn, On the other hand, if you don’t have a garage, then a good choice would be a waterproof car cover. .td-left-smart-list:hover, exist: function (resource_id) { delete tdLocalCache.data[resource_id]; .td-404-sub-sub-title a:hover, WEIGHT CAPACITY One thing is for sure – it is a great hobby and true enjoyment. .tdm-menu-active-style3 .tdm-header .td-affix .sf-menu > .current-menu-item > a, Mit dem neuen Termin ist dieses Problem für alle Beteiligten gelöst. "@type": "ListItem", .td-category-header .td-pulldown-category-filter-link:hover, You have entered an incorrect email address! .td-footer-wrapper .td_block_template_17 .td-block-title, body, p { var td_ad_background_click_link=""; .td-theme-wrap .sf-menu ul .current-menu-ancestor > a, .tdm-menu-active-style3 .tdm-header.td-header-wrap .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, If you leave your car too long outside, you can be sure that certain signs of damage will start to show. .td-menu-background:before, .td-subcat-filter .td-subcat-dropdown span { border-color: transparent transparent #000000 transparent; } .td-trending-now-title, .td-header-style-1 .td-header-sp-recs, .td-404-sub-sub-title a:hover, .td-header-top-menu .td-icon-search:hover, } font-family:Poppins; .td_top_authors .td_mod_wrap:hover .td-authors-name a, .tdm-menu-active-style5 .tdm-header .td-header-menu-wrap .sf-menu > .current-menu-item > a, .td_module_2 .td-module-title { Find High-Low-Average asking prices in past Hemmings ads (3 years). .td-author-url a:hover, .tdm-menu-active-style3 .tdm-header.td-header-wrap .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, .td_block_template_9 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, .widget a:hover, font-family:Poppins; .tdm-menu-active-style5 .tdm-header .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, } Oldtimer Guide; Shopping Guide; Ski Guide; ... Seit bereits 21 Jahren hilft Conrad Seidls Bier Guide durstigen Bierfreunden die besten Bierlokale zu finden – und die richtigen Biere. .td-author-name a:hover, *rv\:11\./) ) { if ( !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident. font-family:Poppins; .td-theme-wrap .td-affix .sf-menu ul .sfHover > a, .td-post-template-7 .td-post-sub-title, .block-title > a, }.td-header-style-12 .td-header-menu-wrap-full, .td_module_19 .td-post-author-name a:hover, .tds-progress-bar1 .tdm-progress-bar:after, .td-theme-wrap .td-mega-menu ul { If you are forgetful, it is recommendable to keep a record of all the scheduled checkups. ... ERNTE 2020: HOPFEN ALS WALDVIERTLER ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE. .archive .widget_archive .current a, .td-pulldown-syle-2 .td-subcat-dropdown ul:after, #td-mobile-nav .td-menu-socials-wrap a:hover i, font-family:Poppins; .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a:after, .td_category_template_8 .td-category-header .td-category a.td-current-sub-category, var td_ajax_url="https:\/\/www.chartattack.com\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php?td_theme_name=Newspaper&v="; Water can cause rust and prolonged periods on the sun may cause paint damages. Trotz eines breiten Interesses aus der Region und eines in enger Abstimmung mit den Behörden, Warum brauchen Liebhaberfahrzeuge spezielle Versicherungslösungen? } color: #dd3333; .td-header-style-8 .td-header-menu-wrap.td-affix, } .widget_display_replies .bbp-author-name, background-color: #dd3333; "position": 2, .mce-content-body blockquote p, this.atts = ''; .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > li > a:hover, } .sf-menu > li:hover > a:after, .td_module_wrap .td-post-category, .td-post-small-box a:hover, .td_block_mega_menu .td-next-prev-wrap a:hover, } background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, rgba(0,0,0,0.7) 0%, rgba(0,0,0,0.8) 100%); "name": "Home" margin-bottom: 28px; #bbpress-forums button:hover, .td-grid-style-6.td-hover-1 .td-module-thumb:after, Going for a ride will also be a chance to see if there is anything that needs to be repaired. .td-theme-wrap .td_mega_menu_sub_cats a { } .wp-block-image figcaption { .td-theme-wrap .block-title > span, font-family:Poppins; border-color: #dd3333; .td-theme-wrap .td-mega-menu ul, .td-header-wrap .td-affix .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, } } tdLocalCache = { font-family:Poppins; .td-post-template-2 .td-post-sub-title, /* Style generated by theme for demo: blog_fitness */ In case you simply don’t know anything about it, the easiest thing to do is to simply contact a mechanic who will be able to do thorough checks and tell you if there is a need to do certain repairs. .td_default_btn, .td_module_17 .td-read-more a:hover, .td-header-wrap .td-header-menu-social .td-social-icon-wrap a { .td_mod_mega_menu:hover .entry-title a, Beliebte Cadillac oldtimer analysiert Modelle im … opacity: 0.1; Laura Kukuk erzählt wie das funktioniert! .widget_display_topics .bbp-author-name, .td-footer-wrapper::before { background-image: url('https://chartattack.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Ashwagandha-Root-700x526.jpg');