Hier sollten Sie mit Ausgaben zwischen 7.500 €¹ und 9.000 €¹ rechnen. The MSE degree at KSU teaches students how to apply engineering principles to the building of computer software, focusing on the theories, tools, and methods for systematic representation, development, and maintenance of software. Course sessions begin every eight weeks, so students have the opportunity to join the 48-credit program at their convenience. Arizona State University designed its Master of Science in Engineering to prepare students for work on projects with both innovative techniques and methodologies or formal CMMI approaches. The M.Sc. Umfangreiche Infos zum Seminar Master-Fernstudium Software Engineering for Embedded Systeme (Master of Engineering) mit Terminkalender und Buchungsinfos. The MSSD prepares students with not only the teachings of software engineering but the reason for the software and an understanding of its development and production from start to finish. Other options within this field of study: During your studies in engineering, you learn to develop state-of-the-art software products and services. We believe a good software engineer is comparable to a good researcher, we teach you how to acquire relevant knowledge and how to reflect on your assumptions and ideas, by giving you: Wer bereits einen Abschluss in Informatik, Softwareentwicklung oder einem verwandten Studiengang vorweisen kann, hat so die Chance, sich im postgradualen … The flexible program consists of evening courses to ensure working students can thrive, and includes live discussions with both professors and other students. ... To finish on-schedule, online students take two sessions per semester and work with assigned to cohorts with identical class schedules. Software engineering distinguishes itself from classical computer science by its focus on human factors, system size and complexity of requirements. All students will help develop systems in the collaboration between the university and clients such as Google, IMB, Intel, General Motors, and Bosch. The Master of Software Engineering: Artificial Intelligence, Advanced, is tailored to your unique needs and creative challenges. The University of Alabama's Master of Science in Software Engineering program gives students an interdisciplinary approach to software engineering. Top Master Programs in Software Engineering in Germany 2021, During your studies in engineering, you learn to develop state-of-the-art software products and services. Mercer's MSSE also allows graduates to participate in real-world projects, readying them to enter the competitive workforce upon graduation. University of Maryland University College's 36 credit Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to prepare students for careers in large software engineering projects. Upon graduation, you can work in jobs such as: Software developer: These are the creative minds behind all of the computer programs we use every day. Lewis University is proud to prepare its students as candidates for Software Engineering Manager positions upon completing their Master of Science in Computer Science with Software Engineering. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. The curriculum material addresses industry needs by teaching fundamental and theoretical concepts and includes intensive, comprehensive coverage of modern software concepts and techniques. Students can choose between a Graduate Capstone, Thesis, and Software Engineering Practicum before completing their degree. Whether you’re already working as a programmer or looking to make yourself more competitive in the marketplace, you know that having advanced degrees in software engineering will help you to stand apart from the pack. The MSSE is a total of 33 credit hours and with the thesis options an additional 30 hours. Regis University's Master of Science in Software Engineering prepares its students for careers as Computer Systems Engineers, Application Designers, Information Architects, and other highly demanded opportunities. Kaiserslautern , Germany, Munich , Germany +1 More, {{ tt('website__program_pages__new_num_programs_found').replace('{num}', num_programs) }}. Those who want to develop embedded software may wish to consider master’s level software engineering programs. West Virginia University's Master of Science in Software Engineering is a part-time online degree designed with software engineering and technology professionals in mind. To ensure student success, NDSU does not allow students to enroll in more than four classes per term. Read more. If you’re reading this article right now, you’re currently participating in the fascinating use of modern technology, aka computer software. A Masters in Software Engineering is a higher level formal degree designed for individuals who wish to expand their career within this field. A Master in Software Engineering equips students with essential knowledge such as implementing new technologies to compete in the global environment. For more information, kindly visit the graduate studies department at the faculty, or call the secretary of the Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies and Research on 02 3338 1687. Use articles and resources to uncover answers to common questions, get guidance on your goals, and learn about applying to schools. A great way to become a software engineer and enjoy a great career is to earn your master’s in software engineering. Berlin is the capital. Some programs focus on a particular area, including software architecture, game systems, entrepreneurship, and health care. Figuring out where to apply? Die Studiengebühren für ein Fernstudium zum Master of Engineering liegen deutlich höher. That’s up from... As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, the demand for information systems security experts grows, and with it, the need for online Ph.D. information security programs. Simultaneously, you will be able to improve the products and services Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.The academic study of software engineering concentrates on using algorithms, program design, and function analysis in order to develop and improve software and other co… Classes for Colorado Technical University's Master of Science in Computer Science with Software Engineering degree are five and a half weeks long, and all are online and mobile friendly. The MSc in Software Engineering teaches the principles of modern software engineering, together with the tools, methods and techniques that support their application. Following technological trends of the century and future, USC's degree focuses on mobile and distributed network-centric architectures, rapid software development and maintenance, and more. Alongside the course requirements, students will participate in an orientation seminar and a midpoint symposium. The degree at SIT is a total of eight core classes, and two electives offered entirely online. The degree offers department assistantships for additional funding, as well as annual scholarships and fellowships. ASU graduates find careers as software and application developers, computer programmers, system analysts, and more. Rating and Ranking Methodology Tuition Points Under $20,000—3 points Under $15,000—4 points […], If you’re looking to land nonprofit management scholarships, you may be surprised to discover that there are numerous awards available from professional organizations and universities to recognize your kind-hearted spirit for community service. The Online Master of Software Engineering degree is a 36-credit program which includes a capstone course. The core classes of the MSSE are in Software Construction and Architecture, and electives include topics such as Risk Management and Personal Software Process. Most universities design post-graduate degrees with an understanding of how many working students are reliant on a flexible schedule to graduate, and so many online degree options are available. Students in the program have various backgrounds, such as computer science, mathematics, business, and liberal arts. University of Houston's Master of Science in Software Engineering is a 36 credit program designed for those with students familiar in computer science. Students without a related undergraduate degree, such as Engineering or Computer Science, are welcomed to apply upon taking the GRE. You will learn by working on industry projects, approach wide-ranging topics from an entrepreneurial mindset, and explore the design thinking, ethics and moral values required in tech for good companies. If students want to combine the traditional university experience with the online platform, there are select hybrid courses available. The Software Engineering Master’s Program at Carnegie Mellon offers students a variety of options in pursuing a degree in technical leadership and strategic management. Software engineering is needed in every industry and focuses on the application of techniques that ensure the successful completion of a high-quality product. Drexel's flexible curriculum allows students to complete more courses per term in the 45-credit program. But do you wonder how its made, or how to develop new types of computerized software? Simultaneously, you will be able to improve the products and services we know today. Fernstudium Software Engineering for Embedded Systems. Highly educated engineers design software that is used in medical equipment, automobiles, airplanes, and even defense systems. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Graduates of Drexel typically enter professional fields focused on software design, engineering management, or systems analytics. Software developers will also be responsible for working alongside stakeholders to describe the required goals and outcomes for the product. Software Engineering and Management has been tailored to the needs of students who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches and seek a good foundation for their future careers. Concentrations are required, with the options of Big Data or Data Mining, Project Management, Parallel Programming, Embedded Systems, or Advanced Cybersecurity. The MSSE provides, both, a thesis and a capstone track, where the thesis option requires independent and extensive research with a thesis director. In addition, students who obtain a degree in Software Engineering work in a wide array of industries, where most businesses today rely on technological software and outreach to their clientele. The program starts in September 2015. TTU accepts applicants for spring, summer, and fall terms. Kansas State University's Master of Science in Software Engineering takes place over a semester system and involves completing 33 credit hours online. Through the degree program in software engineering you: Develop an understanding of current technologies, such as databases, communication protocols, cloud computing, and web frameworks and their application. No programs meet your search criteria. Why Software Engineering, though? UWF Graduates go on to work in fields involving maintenance, project management, medical software, or continue to their doctoral studies. The United States’ Department of Labor predicts that the job outlook for Software Developers will increase by 24 percent over the next seven years. However, it is not an admissions requirement that all students have professional work experience in the field. Upon application, all students must have earned a degree from a regionally accredited institution in computer engineering, software engineering, or a related field. Applications are only accepted for fall terms. Stevens Institute of Technology's Master of Science in Software Engineering prepares students to design, build, test, and maintain software systems and projects. It offers working professionals the opportunity to learn more about the technological advances that are changing their lives, through a course of part-time study at one of the world's leading universities. Purdue University expects most applicants to their Master of Science in Computer Science to have an undergraduate degree in computer science or relevant field. ), postgradual. Graduates are braced for leadership positions, which oversee the entire life-cycle of software systems. Das Fernstudium Software Engineering mit dem Ziel Master. Courses include: Online students working toward their online MSIT can incorporate a minor in Software Engineering with their major studies Students, however, are expected to apply after having prior work experience in software development and programming. This three-semester, internationally-oriented course of study is designed to meet the demands of the industry for highly motivated, team-oriented software experts. Students can complete their degree with a capstone or thesis. In order to rank the 25 Best Online Master’s Degrees in Software Engineering, hundreds of degrees are located and examined with expenses, reputation, accessibility, and career prospects in mind. Software engineers may work translating code, creating solutions for technical problems, or developing programs for specific businesses. Der Studiengang wird angeboten von der Hochschule Technische Universität Kaiserlautern. Students become familiar with software architecture, programming languages such as Java, and software management. Rather than assign textbooks, UMUC provides all online students with no-cost digital materials in nearly every course. Bei dem Kurs Software Engineering for Embedded Systems - Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Most who apply have an undergraduate degree in computer science, and those with degrees in other disciplines are still encouraged to apply yet will have to take at least six prerequisites. Für all diejenigen, die eine facettenreiche Karriere in der Softwareentwicklung anstreben, dürften Master-Fernstudien Software Engineering eine gute Wahl sein. Students are not required to have professional experience to be admitted to KSU, nor is the GRE required. Upon graduation, students will have completed a capstone consisting of a publication-worthy document on a research topic, or a technology-focused project conducted for a real external organization. The Software Development graduate program at BU is proudly one of the only in the country. Some classes in the online MSSE do require that students attend some sessions on campus. The Master of Science in Computer Science program at The University of West Florida offers its students three specializations: Computer Science, Database Systems, and Software Engineering. The overall goal of this distance education program is to provide professionals with a sound theoretical software engineering background as well as with practical methods, techniques, and tools that take software development issues into account. The 36-credit Master of Software Engineering program consists of 12 courses that you will complete in continuous seven-week terms over two years. The capstone track allows students to work alongside others in teams to create an architectural model and plan. And what better way to earn your degree than to attend class online? To avoid self-reporting bias from universities, institutional alumni play a considerable role in how degrees are ranked later on. Despite overlaps, software engineering is not the same as computer science. The 36-credit MSSE focuses on giving its students experience with architecture-centric design and provides knowledge on the specification, design, implementation, and security of applications. Participants can choose to write the Master's thesis in either language. An online master’s degree in software engineering is a smart choice for anyone interested in computer science and program instrumentation. With nearly 1.3 million nonprofit agencies operating in the United States alone, it’s clear that nonprofits play a vital role in our […]. This Masters program on “Dependable Software Systems” (DESEM) is an Erasmus Mundus Master program which consists of courses of the Master in Computer Science of Université de Lorraine on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, displayed in English and opened to international students. If you’re reading this article right now, you’re currently participating in the fascinating use of modern technology, aka computer software. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Following a software process ensures that the final product is maintainable, reliable, and scalable. The eight-week terms begin six times per year, making an entrance into the program accessible to varying schedules. All faculty members are both doctorally educated and professionals in the software engineering field, giving students the ability to receive feedback and guidance about their post-grad options. Fernstudium mit Schwerpunkt Embedded Systems. Lesen Sie hier alles zum Fernstudiengang Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, Master of Engineering (M.Eng. Become an expert in software engineering and web development with Staffordshire University. Boston University's Master of Science in Software Development can be completed in less than two years, with mentorship from faculty members who have a history of experience in high-technology and business industries as well as ongoing research projects. You will learn how technology is best used to develop efficient solutions – not only from a technical point of view but also from a user perspective. Students are required to have an educational background in computer science. The CSSE degree is designed with students both with and without professional experience in mind. BestValueSchools.com is an advertising-supported site. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today. With the convenience of it being entirely online, students can complete the degree in a mere 15 months. +. Master of Science in Software Engineering In cooperation with Technische Universität München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Teaching language. Gain the ability to specify, design, implement, analyze, and improve software solutions from a wide variety of domains. The Master of Science in Computer Science with Software Engineering at the University of Southern California is designed to equip graduates with experience in systems engineering, customer collaboration, and management skills alongside the traditional set of abilities in software development. East Carolina University's Master of Science in Software Engineering proudly combines traditional computer science with the constantly-changing field of software engineering. ... ... Both events are located at CSUF, but students may participate online if needed. Graduates are also braced to continue their research into their future Ph.D. career. Course topics include Wearable Technologies and the Internet of Things, Science of Intelligence, and Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin. More Details . Classes in the program will work towards students' proficiency in Java, C++ or C#, as well as advance their familiarity with Design Patterns and Refactoring. Students are required to have already obtained a foundational understanding of computer science and the ability to develop their programming language for courses. Students graduate from this program with a comprehensive background in mathematics, computer science and computer organization. The academic study of software engineering concentrates on using algorithms, program design, and function analysis in order to develop and improve software and other computer-based database systems. A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. des Anbieters Technische Universität Kaiserslautern - Distance & Independent Studies Center (DISC) handelt es sich um einen Fernstudiengang und dieser wird mit … To be more budget-friendly, UHCL provides tuition and fee breaks to students who are taking more than one course per semester. The Master of Science in Software Engineering at Texas Tech University focuses on advanced software engineering topics, such as design and quality assurance, to equip students with a strong foundation in software systems. Discover the options our scholarship can give you. An online master’s in software engineering is a flexible and smart solution for anyone looking for a graduate degree in computer science. Electives feature a wide array of other software topics such as Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems, Systems Theory, and Real Time and Time Sharing Systems. Online master's in software engineering programs are offered in full-time and part-time formats. These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. The MSSE is hosted by, both, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in the College of Engineering, and the Computer Science Department in the College of Science. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Beinhaltet der Lehrplan Präsenzphasen, können weitere Aufwendungen für die Anreise oder Übernachtungen anfallen. KSU's flexible MSE program also provides scholarship opportunities to students. Upon starting the program, all students will receive support from an academic advisor in creating a Plan of Study to ensure success. COMPSYS 726 Robotics and Intelligent Systems (15 points) SOFTENG 701 Advanced Software Engineering (15 points) SOFTENG 751 High Performance Computing (15 points) USC developed the 32-unit MSCS to produce students capable of entering the workforce as desirable engineering candidates. The Master of Professional Engineering unlocks a wide range of career opportunities in engineering and non-engineering sectors in Australia and overseas. Studies encompass behavioral, managerial, and technical aspects of software, with topics such as Human-Computer Interaction and Software Project Management. The overall goal of this distance education program is to provide professionals with a sound theoretical software engineering background as well as with practical methods, tec The program consists of studies in the basic methodologies, techniques, and tools required to sustain a software's life cycle. Student's without a relevant undergraduate are still considered so long as they have extensive work experience in software engineering. English; Languages. Master of Science in Computing and Data Analytics. Others might combine a master's in software engineering with an … For students who feel so inclined, the MSSE is obtainable through a hybrid-online degree schedule. Für den Masterstudiengang Software Engineering solltest du einen Bachelor- oder vergleichbaren Hochschulabschluss in Informatik oder einem verwandten Fachbereich vorweisen können. Florida Tech’s College of Engineering and Computing offers a Master of Science in Software Engineering that will give you the skills to manage the development, maintenance, and evolution of software. Participants will also learn about the basic building blocks of software engineering; this may include universal themes touching every segment of society, and driving innovation and change in medicine, defense and aerospace. Take the opportunity to master the latest software and web technologies used in industry and get a head-start on your career. This Masters program on “Dependable Software Systems” (DESEM) is an Erasmus Mundus Master program which consists of courses of the Master in Computer Science of Université de Lorraine on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, displayed in English and opened to international students. Unlike a traditional degree, the Master of Software Engineering: Cloud Computing, Advanced, is purpose built to suit your unique needs and creative challenges. The 30-credit Software Engineering specialization indoctrinates students in the development of software systems by focusing on a specification, analysis, and software project management. Explore different options for you based on your degree interests. Three of the fourteen courses required to graduate are core topics, while the remaining eleven are made up of electives varying from Database System Implementation, Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or Web-Enhanced Information Management. Before graduation, all students have the opportunity of completing a three-credit capstone alongside 12 further credits of electives. To be admitted, students must have earned an undergraduate degree in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or information science. Those with professional experience in the industry choose the program to develop skills further for implementing new technologies. Master of Science in Software Engineering Gain key skills needed to be a successful software product developer. Germany is a great destination for international scholars and has a high quality higher education system. Course topics include of but are not limited to: Databases, Machine Learning, Theory of Computing and Algorithms, Data Mining, Graphics and Visualization, and Information Security and Assurance. The skills obtained through continued education in Software Engineering can further one’s ability to apply advanced technological capabilities within the workforce. For those interested, students may also participate in completing a Master research thesis. North Dakota State University designed its Master of Science in Software Engineering with the intention of giving professionals an opportunity to update and upgrade their credentials. Use our website to find information about degrees and career paths from around the world and speak directly with admissions officers at the schools and universities that interest you. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Many degree courses equip students with the basic tools to develop and maintain software used every day, such as Android and Java. While an undergraduate degree readies students for entry into this workforce, dedicating oneself to a Master’s degree in Software Engineering positions graduates at the forefront of competitive and highly-desirable careers. The degree involves 12 classes and completable within 16 intensive months, or longer if students decide to follow a flexible multi-year plan. +, The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE offers a unique part-time Master’s course which is primarily run as a distance learning program by th The online MSSE consists of ten courses completable within a 22-month-long schedule. +. Students will also become thorough in project management and maintenance. Rather than the traditional semester system, Drexel University's online Master of Science in Software Engineering consists of four ten-week quarters.